mv5bmtqzmzq4mdaynf5bml5banbnxkftztcwnze0mdk3oa-_v1_sy1000_cr006741000_al_“Upstream Color” 2013 – Amy Semeitz, Frank Mosely and Shane Carruth. Poster credit:

Directed by: Shane Carruth

Our take:

Frankly, we do not have any idea what this movie is about. The term “hot mess” is not hot enough or messy enough to describe this seething and festering pool of crud. We have a deep disdain for movies that mistake confusion for profoundness.

While the movie is incredibly artistic and a wonderful collection of images, it felt more like smoking a bag of weed then flipping through a stranger’s lost photo album than watching a movie. The story is impenetrable, the dialogue is vague and the ending only rubs salt in your eyes. If this movie was meant for anybody it was not the general public.

We say: Don’t bother.

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