Risen (2016)

mv5bmtaznjq1mzk2mjneqtjeqwpwz15bbwu4mdu0mdk1mjcx-_v1_sy1000_sx675_al_“Risen” 2016 – Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton and Cliff Curtis. Poster credit: imdb.com

Directed by: Kevin Reynolds

Our take:

We don’t like to make religious statements to anyone else especially here. No matter what our differences may be, the ability to see a movie that presents a polar opposite view of an event we have heard about all our lives was fascinating. This movie gave us tons to think about.

Joseph Fiennes (Strangerland 2015, Hercules 2014) is Roman centurion Clavius along with Lucius as portrayed by Tom Felton (Message from the King 2016, The Flash 2014). They are charged with insuring the smooth execution of Jesus of Nazareth played by Cliff Curtis (Fear of the Walking Dead 2015, The Dark Horse 2014). Both Fiennes and Felton discharge their duties with a matter-of-fact attitude and their only concern is that Rome does not lose control of region then known as Judea.

We know what happens to Jesus of Nazareth but the movie does not focus on questions of right or wrong, corporal or spiritual but on what one might think if Jesus was seen as a regular person rather than a larger-than-life religious and historical figure. Clavius is confronted with conflicting views of what he believes versus what he sees. Without any filters of history or time, he follows the final events in the life of Jesus of Nazareth and they lead Clavius to a place he would have previously thought impossible.

While it is a mental exercise to put aside years and years of ideas and while we do not say believe “this” or “that” we will say the movie left the wife and I whispering, “wow, I never thought of that.” That is perhaps the biggest take-away from this movie; what if I had been there during that time? Unlike most movies of the sort (and there have been MANY) this one was not so predictable (in terms of angle) and totally watchable.

We could not agree on this one-

Frank thought it deserved to get on the “Watch it” list and Netali thought it was “Just OK” Either way-it wasn’t bad at all, so we will add it to both for your consideration!

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