The Popcorn Bucket List

Documentary Director, editor, producer, director of photography – pffffft; hardly.

Welcome to the Popcorn Bucket List where you get opinions from 2 people who watch movies every single day.

As a mom and dad, husband and wife, movie loving duo we are always on a quest to find time to sit, suspend reality and enjoy a great movie or maybe even just a good movie. We are foiled more often than not by a riddle older than the sphinx: “What do we watch today?” Documentary, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Romance, Bro-mance, No-mance, on and on and on we click and search and enter until the wee hours of the night or until our thumbs bleed.

On occasion, nestled amongst a pile of over-advertised, glitzy blockbusters or perhaps in the dark recesses of time, crumpled popcorn boxes and forgotten ticket stubs we find a gem. Yes, a 5-star winner that has spent its life grazing among the 1 ½ to 2 star herd. A movie like this spends its whole life waiting, hoping, dare we say praying to be recommended to neighbors, co-workers, friends, relations and the guy that comes by once a month to sell me solar panels or save my soul.

“Why,” you ask, “why would people of reasonable intelligence do this?” The answers are honest, simple and universal: we have kids, bills, little expendable income and no baby sitters. What else are we going to do?

We are neither students of film nor high-brow artists; we have not been snubbed by Hollywood or fallen short during a casting call. We will not attempt to dissect movies and explain to you how or why color pallets and lighting make a movie great. There are many blogs that will impress you with their finely honed acumen. We Popcorn Bucket List critics will tell you simply and plainly whether or not we think a movie is worth your Wednesday or your first date without giving you any spoilers. Finally, as much as we may think of ourselves you may rest assured that we are not too profound to make sense.

So, set the popcorn on high for 2 minutes, sit back and join the legions of regular folk that crave nothing more than to be entertained, enlightened, enraged, engaged, engrossed and in bed early enough to work tomorrow.

You bring the popcorn bucket, we got the list.