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Risen (2016)

“Risen” 2016 – Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton and Cliff Curtis. Poster credit: Directed by: Kevin Reynolds Our take: We don’t like to make religious statements to anyone else especially here. No matter what our differences may be, the ability to see a movie that presents a polar opposite view of an event we have […]

Desierto (2015)

“Desierto” 2015 – Gael Garcia Bernal, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Alondra Hidalgo. Poster credit: Directed by: Jonas Cuaron Our take: At a time when America’s borders are a hotly contested issue, this movie gave us an uneasy feeling of political comment. Rest assured readers, we are all about the movies no squabble, no squabble. […]

THE DUEL (2016)

“The Duel” 2016 – Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson and Alice Braga Poster credit: Directed by: Kieran Darcy-Smith Our take: Finally we get to see a “he-man’s” movie (not that I know anything about being a he-man) The Duel is a western built around the “Helena duel” an honor challenge purported to have been spawned […]