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Maléfique (2002)

“Maléfique“ 2002 – Cast – Clovis Cornillac, Gerald Laroche and Dimitri Rataud. Poster credit: imdb.com Directed by: Eric Valette Our take: Four French prisoners locked in a French prison with a book of dubious origins to help them escape. We have no idea who is responsible for this pile of poo poo but it is bad. […]

don’t breath (2016)

Save yourselves some valuable time and don’t bother with this one.

SHELLEY (2016)

“Shelley” 2016 – Cosmina Stratan, Bjorn Andresen, Ellen Dorrit Petersen. Poster credit: imdb.com Directed by: Ali Abbasi Our take: We enjoy Horror movies more than the average couple and we will not miss a chance to see one no matter how unheard of it may be. “Shelley” is one of those horror movies that takes place […]


“Triangle” 2009 – Melissa George, Rachael Carpani, Liam Hemsworth Poster credit: imdb.com Directed by: Christopher Smith Our take: Triangle is a Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller that warms slowly and perplexingly in the beginning but as it picked up speed we discovered we had a much hotter movie on our hands. We thought we were going to […]