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DENIAL (2016)

“Denial” 2016 – Rachel Weisz, Timothy Spall and Tom Wilkinson. Poster credit: imdb.com Directed by: Mick Jackson Our take: Movies about the Holocaust can be unnerving and difficult to watch, the brutality, the death and the bleak circumstances never become normal no matter how many times we see a movie on the subject. Denial however […]

The Ones Below (2015)

“The Ones Below” 2015 – David Morrissey, Clemence Poesy, Stephan Campbell Moore and Laura Birn. Poster credit: imdb.com Directed by: David Farr Our take: We are not sure how much we need to say; the wife picked this movie so you know it won’t stink up your evening. The Ones Below was an accidentally enjoyable […]

The Good Neighbor (2016)

“The Good Neighbor” 2016 – James Caan, Keir Gilchrist and Logan Miller. Poster credit: imdb.com Directed by: Kasra Farahani Our take: If you will recall our previous entry for The Invitation, I mentioned 2 reasons why the wife does not permit me to select the movies we watch. Reason 1, I suck at it. See […]

JOY (2015)

“Joy” 2015 – Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Isabella Rossellini, Edgar Ramirez and Virginia Madsen. Poster credit: imdb.com Directed by: David O. Russell Our take: “Joy” has a hefty cast and for those dazzled by star power this movie’s cast has dazzle aplenty. Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook), Bradley Cooper […]

SHELLEY (2016)

“Shelley” 2016 – Cosmina Stratan, Bjorn Andresen, Ellen Dorrit Petersen. Poster credit: imdb.com Directed by: Ali Abbasi Our take: We enjoy Horror movies more than the average couple and we will not miss a chance to see one no matter how unheard of it may be. “Shelley” is one of those horror movies that takes place […]


“Triangle” 2009 – Melissa George, Rachael Carpani, Liam Hemsworth Poster credit: imdb.com Directed by: Christopher Smith Our take: Triangle is a Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller that warms slowly and perplexingly in the beginning but as it picked up speed we discovered we had a much hotter movie on our hands. We thought we were going to […]

The Daughter (2015)

“The Daughter” 2015 – Geoffrey Rush, Sam Neill, Ewen Leslie, Paul Schneider, Odessa Young and Miranda Otto. Poster credit: imdb.com Directed and Written by: Simon Stone Our take: In an unnamed mountain town Henry (Geoffrey Rush, Pirates of the Caribbean) closes down his family’s sawmill, takes a new wife and deals with a set of […]

The Best Offer (2013)

“The Best Offer” 2013 – Geoffrey Rush, Donald Sutherland, Sylvia Hoeks, and Jim Sturgess. Poster credit: imdb.com Directed by: Giuseppe Tornatore Currently available on Netflix Our take: Visually, the movie is easy and seductive to watch. The settings are rich and satisfying: a mixture of old-world style with clean modern functionality; ancient pieces of art set […]